Grocery Carts, Grocery Store, 5 Minutes .... GO!

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    2019 Grocery Grab

    Thanks to Cosentino's Markets for hosting the 2019 Grocery Grab

    • Grocery Grab Coupon/Raffle Sales: October 28 - November 25


    • Semi-Finalists: November 30

    Apple Market - Woodson Shopping Center
    Sarah Lauer
    Kay Brand
    Megan Finlay
    Donsha Finley
    Alayne Baker

    Price Chopper - Brywood Shopping Center
    Becki Delay
    Chad Bruton
    Marshall Purtee
    Brice McIver
    Michael Watson

    Apple Market - Blue Ridge by Blue Ridge Tower
    Brenda Boessen
    Theresa Tush
    Donovan Cusick
    Bill Konomos
    Kallie Turnbow


    • Grand Prize Winners: December 7

    Kay Brand    Apple Market - Woodson Shopping Center

    Brice McIver    Price Chopper - Brywood Shopping Center

    Bill Konomos     Apple Market - Blue Ridge by Blue Ridge Tower


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     Watch The Most Epic Grocery Grab Ever thanks to DJ Ekko, REF Grocery Grab 2017

  • What is a Grocery Grab?

    • You buy a raffle coupon ticket for $5. The coupon is good for $5 off a $50 of groceries at any of the Consentino's food stores in the metro area.
    • The raffle ticket goes into a drawing for the Grocery Grab for a chance to win a $100 grocery gift card OR be the Grand Prize Winner for a 5 minute "grocery grab" shopping spree.
    • Raytown has 3 Cosentino's stores and last year the 3 winners "grabbed" over $6,000 worth of groceries.

    Where can you buy coupon/raffle?

    From a Raytown Educational Foundation Grocery Grab Ambassadors from any Raytown School or from a Raytown Educational Foundation Board Trustee.

    You can also purchase a raffle coupon by emailing REF:        REF

    What happens with the money?

    Its a win, win, win.

    • All the money collected goes to Raytown Educational Foundation.
    • Consentinos gets publicity.
    • 12 people win $100 gift cards and 3 people win bunches of groceries.