Referral/ Qualification Process

  • Eligibility Requirements include:

    1. Referral: When the referral window is open, the teacher identifies students to be screened. Parents may request for their child's teacher to fill out the referral form when the window is open.
    2. Screening: Once students are referred, they will complete a screening process. Students must obtain a qualifying score on the screener test to see if further gifted testing is needed.
    3. General Mental Ability: If students meet the qualifying score on the screener, they move on to the IQ. An IQ with FSIQ, GAI, or NVI score at or above the 95th percentile on WISC V (1-5) or WASSI III (K) is required to move on in the testing process.
    4. Individual Evaluation and Placement- Students must meet 2 out of these 3 remaining areas:
      1. Academic Ability- Must score at the 95th percentile on two subtests of a school-wide academic performance measure, like STAR.
      2. Creativity, Reasoning, and Problem Solving- Outstanding ability is creativity, advanced insight, imagination, creative reasoning ability, problem solving, abstract concepts (CogAT 95th percentile or higher, Williams Scale 95th percentile or higher, or a creativity test 95th percentile or higher)
      3. Other- Other evidence of outstanding student work, like a formal classroom observations by persons knowledgeable of gifted characteristics at 90% or higher