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    Dr. Andrea Mixon, Director
    Raytown Quality Schools' state-assisted Challenge program is designed to meet the needs of academically gifted children in kindergarten through sixth grade.


    Elementary Program (K-5)

    The elementary program consists of three components:

    • Weekly pull out component in which the children travel to the Challenge Center one day a week to work with other gifted children and the Challenge teachers.
    • Reach-out component in which Challenge teachers work with gifted students and classroom teachers in regular schools.
    • Resource component in which the Challenge teachers provide support, training, and materials to classroom teachers.

    Elementary Challenge Teachers are Jennifer Blank, Megan Finlay, Lauren Schroer. 
    Contact Phone: 816-268-7292  
    Contact email: elementarychallenge@raytownschools.org  



    Middle School Program (6th grade)

    Students enrolled in the middle school program:

    • Attend a regular Challenge class in their school to work with other gifted children.
    • Challenge teachers work with students one class period daily.
    • These students receive a letter grade for their work in Challenge class.

    Middle School Challenge Teachers:

    Susan Miles susan.miles@raytownschools.org  - Central Middle School 

    Jenna Adkins jenna.adkins@raytownschools.org - Raytown Middle School and Raytown South Middle School


    Advanced courses are available for 7th and 8th-grade students who qualify.