• Law Enforcement / Police Science 

    Prerequisite: Min 2.0 GPA; 90% attendance record; reading, writing, &
    math at 10th grade level.

    This course is a one year course and will provide students with
    knowledge in the field of law enforcement/police science and prepare
    them for continuing education and ultimately, employment in a related
    field. This course is designed to acquaint the student with historical
    perspectives of law enforcement and a variety of criminal justice career
    fields, including but not limited to: Crime Scene Investigation, Law
    Enforcement, Police Science, Patrol Theories, Report Writing, Legal
    Studies, and Leadership Competencies. Course content may include the
    discussion and viewing of some of man’s worst crime scenes.

    will be exposed to use of force scenarios in which they must effectively
    decide whether to use force and what level of force is acceptable.
    Students will be exposed to real world scenarios which include language
    and actions consistent with law enforcement encounters. All are
    significant and vital to our past, present and future in the investigation
    of such crimes committed by our fellow man. The goal is to become
    increasingly aware of the social forces that shape our lives and gain
    insight into the many different aspects of law enforcement and how they
    influence society’s views and opinions on how we deal with and handle
    the crimes of man. The atmosphere of this class is similar to a mini-police
    academy. Students will be expected to stand when an adult enters the
    classroom; they will participate in Roll Call and the Pledge each day.
    They will be expected to participate in Drill Procedures and learn to
    march in unison.